Incremental progress is progress even if infinitesimal

Let’s be honest, that title is true, but more importantly it just gives me an opportunity to use incremental and infinitesimal in the same sentence.

I am proud of three weeks worth of progress! Here are my stats from this morning:

27 min – elliptical
2.17 miles
350 – calories burned (according to machine)
14 – elbow stabilization lifts
30 – true crunches
20 – “girl push-ups” (arms were on fire)

I have had access to a gym here at the building I am currently working in. It’s been great! So, I come in around 6am work out for about 30 min, take a shower, and go to work. I wonder what I will do when I don’t have access to this facility, but for now I will focus on what’s important, I do have it!

I worked out in work boots this morning! I left my running shoes in my other car at the repair shop. So, I improvised with my only other pair of “cushioned” shoes/non-dress shoes. They did great, although I would not want to run any real distance in them. I am glad a little issue like shoes wasn’t able to stop progress.

On the scale front I had a little setback from 220 on a digital scale to 228 and now after three weeks I am back to 222 with some hard work ahead to get to my goal of 210 on a digital scale. It is achievable, attainable, and “insert perfect word here”!!!

Thanks to my wife and family for constant support and encouragement! I hope someone else reading this blog is encouraged too, YOU CAN DO IT!

The Pathetic State of My Personal Fitness.

I posted my VERY ambitious goals and have started working on them. How quickly I discovered that my desire to eat healthy is much stronger than my desire to “work” on fitness goals! Not to mention I feel like the 90lb weakling in a 200lb body!

So, for those not blessed enough to witness my “workout”, which would be everyone but my wife and kids; let me fill you in on the sorted details.

I am up to ten push-ups, AWESOME!, 10 “girl push-ups” as my oldest son calls them….. I still consider it a triumph since I can do 10 of them twice in the same day. FYI the first day I did “girl” push-ups I had to recover for three days due to my arms being so sore.

Now, sit-ups have not gone so quickly either. I have worked my way up to one set of 20 “half” crunches. That’s because I don’t have the abdominal strength to do a whole crunch or a full sit-up without putting myself on the disabled list. Hey, gotta start somewhere, right!?!

The last part of my phased implementation plan (as if I had a choice but to start slowly) is the elbow stabilization. While it may sound simple and relatively easy, I assure you that my big toe makes this maneuver complicated! Yea I ain’t afraid to admit my big toe hurts, I may not be forty yet, but I am man enough to admit that. I have gout in my toe and though the GREENS and RELIEF from IT WORKS! (Leave a message if you want more info on those products) Help tremendously, putting direct pressure on the toe hurts terribly. However, I push through and have worked up to 6 of these beauties! Yep, I’m the man….. LOL!!! It’s a start, if nothing else.

Oh, almost forgot I can run up three flights of stairs one time without passing out for lack of oxygen and lead a thirty Minute soccer practice for 8 y.o. Without having a week of soreness to recover from.

I gotta run, or slowly walk in all honesty, so please pray for me that I don’t injure myself or anyone around me along the rest of this fitness journey! Have an awesome day.

For now,

Not Sure If This is Possible, but….

Here are the new goals, no fluff, no hype, no explanations:

1) weigh 210 on a digital scale ( seems to be 10+ pounds difference)
2) Do 100 crunches each day over a 5 day period.
3) 5 sets of 10 v-ups each day for 5 day period
4) 5 sets of 10 elbow stabilizations each day for 5 day period
5) 100 push-ups each day for a 5 day period
6) 5 sets of 10 leg lifts each day for a 5 day period
7) walk 1 and run 1 – 5k within the next year.

There you have them, ambitious for me for sure!

For now,

Oh by the way….

The last few weeks have been jam packed between work and home so I have been remise in posting. It has also been a slow time in the weight loss realm. On August 11 I reported that I weighed in at 215 lbs, well that was mostly the case until this last week. I weighed in Monday at 213 lbs then on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I weighed in at 210 lbs!!!! (That’s my goal weight for those that weren’t aware)

So, on thanksgiving of 2013 I weighed in at 259 and now approximately 9 months later I am 210 lbs! I still can’t believe it. I didn’t starve myself, I didn’t start running, I don’t “exercise” other than walking around for my job/at home, it’s not a dad diet thing, I don’t take diet pills or diet supplements (I do take Greens by IT Works, which help with energy/nutrition/my gout), and I don’t eat weird stuff.

The do’s of my eating plan are much more than the don’t of my eating plan:
Don’t List
– Don’t drink soft drinks
– Don’t eat more than one helping of breads a day (2 slices in my opinion)
– Don’t eat sweets
– Don’t eat cheese
– Don’t count calories
Do List
– do eat fruits
– do eat nuts
– do eat vegetables
– do eat small portions of protein (I eat lien chicken or venison if we have it)
– do drink water
– do drink unsweetened fruit juice (limit quantities)
– do eat high fiber
– do eat when your Hungary
– do eat small “snacks” all day long ( I feel like I eat all day long)

That’s pretty much it! If God made it, it’s ok to eat! When we add processed foods and refined sugars it’s my opinion that’s when we are hurting ourselves and our health. Eat good and live healthy! I feel so much better now than I did at 259 lbs, it’s a huge difference. I could not have done it without my beautiful wife, my family, and those that follow this blog!

I will post my new goals in the next few days so keep a look out! We can do it together!

For Now,

El Dia de Los Legos Diez Mil.

Originally posted on The Lemonade Chronicles:


There’s no other way to describe it.
We live in a war-torn state here on Beach Street.

Lego shrapnel abounds. Lego bombs lurk around every corner. Tiny pieces lie in wait, sometimes for months, eager to inflict some damage on some poor, unsuspecting innocent.

It amazes me that neither Hilary nor I have ripped the plantar fascia on our feet bottoms via inadvertently stepping on those sharp suckers.

I live in fear of that scenario.

Creeping across the bedroom floor in total darkness for a bathroom run, delicately placing my feet on the floor with a dainty touch as though checking for land mines or a glacial fissure. Eyes wide trying to use my rods or cones to catch a glimpse of a luminescent piece of plastic before I wreck my foot on it and go hurtling headlong into the dog’s crate. Likely impaling myself on the metal frame, bleeding…

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