A Place to Start

Greetings Friends!

My name is Steven and this is my first real dive into blogging. My reason, to lose weight. I need all the help I can get, because I am just an average American dad. You say that is a terrible reason, but statistics are on my side with this one. I am not going throw stats at you or even make any further excuse for myself. I just need help and I hope to find a few friends on here that can help me.

My goal, to lose approximately 50 pounds or obtain my goal weight of 210 pounds. I have not weighed 210 since I was about 20, about four years before I married my beautiful wife. I am now 35 years old and have four children and a full time job. As you can tell I have steadily gained weight over the last 15 years and now I want to steadily lose that weight over the next year and maintain thereafter.

I am not doing “gimmick” plans, “fanatical” diets, “paid” support groups. My plan is a simple three step plan that I have developed over several months of no research and very little prior planning (sounds like a real winner huh).

1) Take my lunch as often as possible from home.

2) Do not buy any “food”, “snacks” or, candy from a convenience store

3) Do not eat food from any “fast-food” restaurants

I am sure that over time this plan will have to be amended, elaborated upon, and generally tweaked as I learn more along the way. I know enough about myself, however, to know I have to KISS in order to win at just about anything (Keep It Simple Stupid). So, this is where we will start. I encourage anyone that may see this to please stop back in occasionally and offer encouragement or advice.

For now,



Please join us and reply!

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