Dump Your Weight!

This should be the weight loss mantra for the “Daniel Fast”. From January 2nd through January 21st I ate, almost exclusively, fruits and vegetables. This, as you may imagine, leads to very productive bowels!!! Not to mention weight loss with no exercise at all, below is a picture of my most recent weigh in as proof. From November 28th when I weighed in at 259 lbs at the doctor’s office until this past monday January 20th when I weighed in at 244.6 lbs, that incredible!!

January 20, 2014 - Weigh In

For the sake of my self-esteem and overall morale we will call this 15 lbs in 53 days. So, you ask, what was my typical diet like during the fast? Here are a couple of meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner:

Breakfast:  Typical breakfast consisted of a banana, an Orange or two depending on how hungry I was, and apple. Now I did not eat as soon as I was awake or even all at one time. I would eat these items as I felt hungry throughout the morning. I plan on continuing this version of breakfast.

Lunch: Typical lunch consisted of either a salad with grilled chicken or a baked potato.

              1) Salad with Grilled chicken: Lettuce, Spinach, brocoli (if available), mushrooms, carrots (if available), peanuts (optional), pecans(optional), tomato, brussels sprouts (optional), cucumbers, olives, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Obviously not every salad had all of these items on it and a vinaigrette was not always an option. So, if I ordered a McDonald’s Southwest Chicken salad i would take off the cheese and chips and use only half a packet of the dressing.

              2) Baked Potato: Wash the spud, salt the outside of the spud, poke with fork, bake in microwave (inside plastic bad) or in oven, break open and put Brummel and Brown spread on it, salt and butter. I would eat the skin and all and I would eat as many as I needed to be full. If you have grilled chicken or any other fruit or vegetable you can top with that also. Occasionally, I will sprinkle a very small amount of ranch on my plain potato for some added flavor.

Dinner: This vary’s greatly so I will just list a couple of meals with main ingredients.

             1) Baked potato: See above

             2) Salad: See above

             3) Quesadilla on Cripsy Corn Tortilla: Pan fry vegetables with fajita seasoning, grilled chicken with fajita seasoning, salsa, avocado, jalapeno, tomato, etc. (My Favorite)

             4) Chicken and white bean soup: Grilled/Boiled Chicken, white beans, chicken stock, corn starch (for thicker broth), season to taste

We did not get board or go hungry eating this way. When I would get hungry between meals I would eat peanuts, cashews, pistachios, dried fruit, oranges, banana, apple, grapes, etc. I think you get the point, we did not go hungry, it is different but the physical results as well as my spiritual awareness through the fast was worth it. I believe I will try to continue many of these eating habits as I endeavour toward my goal weight of 210 lbs. Journey with me, lets make it happen together!

For now,



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