Energy Density: Why Some “Healthy” Foods Aren’t Good Dieting Foods

What Matters Nutrition

What makes you feel like you’ve eaten enough at a meal? Is it the Calories? Unless you have a magical stomach, then it’s probably not that. If we felt full after a certain amount of Calories, then we wouldn’t struggle as much with our weight! Well what is it then? One of the answers to this question is simply the amount or volume of the food we eat. Think of it as the space the food takes up in our stomach. You are probably thinking “Well duh David” we eat until we are full. But maybe you haven’t thought about this: we can eat the same amount or even more food (by volume), but lose weight by paying attention to the energy density of the foods that we eat! You may have had a time in the past when you ate healthy foods, but still don’t lose weight. It may…

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