Mine your Mind!

My alternate title for this post was going to be Mind your Mind or Mind your Mindset. Our pastor has taught on the battle of the mind several times recently and it applies as much to your spiritual life as it does your natural life. I have “dieted” in the past, albeit non-fad diet changes that I participated in, I was doing something to achieve a goal. You may say that is exactly what you should do, but I disagree. Let me explain before you travel to the next blogger!

I don’t think a change in diet should be made to experience a short-term goal. I believe that a diet change should be long term in nature to benefit you for the rest of your life. When you view things through a long-term lens you are no longer “giving up carbonated beverages”, you instead are choosing not to drink them for your health. Do you see the difference in the Mindset? When you are “giving it up” you are telling yourself you are loosing out on a beneficial thing. When you are choosing not to, you are in control of putting away something that is harmful. I hope you can see where I am coming from on this issue, I believe it to be critical to my success as well as anyone else that is reading.

Think of it this way, speaking from a sweet toothed person, if I “have to give up candy bars”, I am constantly fighting myself and my desires to eat one. If I am the one in control here, and I should be, then I make the choice and I decide it is not good for my body or health. The proper term here is, SELF-CONTROL. Which implies that you are in charge of what you do, not some hormone/chemical/desire/etc. I know there are real addictions and issues that overtake us, I believe I am dealing with a food addiction myself. However, I was blessed with an active metabolism, apparently, that has kept me from being well over 300 lbs. Honestly, I should way over 300 lbs with the diet I have allowed myself to have over the past 10 years.

Ok, I won’t belabor the point of self-control any longer. I must divulge the weigh-in information from this past Monday. I dropped .4 pounds, and before any snickers or comments about stagnant weight loss, I have already thought those things myself. I have chosen to take it as a positive since it did not go up! So, to further encourage myself, I weighed again today and posted an impressive 243! So, I have lost 16 lbs since starting this journey and I can’t wait for my goal weight of 210. I have not started any type of exercise yet, but I plan to add walking with my Beautiful Wife in the very near, warmer, future. Be encouraged and find the small wins to focus on, anyone can focus on the negative, winners focus on wins.


For Now,



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