Worth the Weight!!!

I feel SO much better you just wouldn’t believe it!! I have not had to take a Prilosec since January 1, 2014 just by changing my diet. Before January I took Prilosec EVERY morning as I dressed for work and if I missed one day the pain would return for several days. Even if I wasn’t losing weight this is a huge benefit of changing my eating habits. Some may note that I don’t use the word “diet” very often, I have an aversion to the word as we use it today. It is most often used to indicate a short term gimmick plan to lose weight. So, I chose to say “eating habits” or “healthy eating”.

Now, to the reason I am doing this blog, report my weight loss to my accountability audience. I weighed in on February the 10th at 239 lbs and this week weighed in at 238…. I must say my goal of losing a total of 50 lbs seems almost in reach now that I have lost a total of 21 lbs since Thanksgiving. I am very excited and I can’t wait to put on my old size 42 pants and take a picture like you see on the infomercials holding them out next to the new thinner me. I have already had to add a notch to my belt and start wearing some of my size 40 pants, the 42’s get all bunched up… I love saying that!! ‘

For now,




Eat, Drink and be Merry!

Love the snack ideas and comments about portion control!! SO TRUE!!!


Today is a sad day for me. I realized Im going to have to give in an make an appointment to have my knee checked out.  I never go to the doctor. Its not that I’m afraid of Doctor’s offices or anything but I am afraid of the bill that usually follows. However, when you are working on your heath at the gym and in the kitchen, you should also go to the doctor and not limp around making it worse….right? My only dilemma now is finding a doctor in Chicago. I will get back to that later. Lets talk about what’s on my mind: FOOD

Ever heard that saying “abs are made in the kitchen.”  Well, I need to take that to heart now more than ever. I have been feeling fluffy lately and I’m 100% sure its because I the crap I have been eating. When…

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