Worth the Weight!!!

I feel SO much better you just wouldn’t believe it!! I have not had to take a Prilosec since January 1, 2014 just by changing my diet. Before January I took Prilosec EVERY morning as I dressed for work and if I missed one day the pain would return for several days. Even if I wasn’t losing weight this is a huge benefit of changing my eating habits. Some may note that I don’t use the word “diet” very often, I have an aversion to the word as we use it today. It is most often used to indicate a short term gimmick plan to lose weight. So, I chose to say “eating habits” or “healthy eating”.

Now, to the reason I am doing this blog, report my weight loss to my accountability audience. I weighed in on February the 10th at 239 lbs and this week weighed in at 238…. I must say my goal of losing a total of 50 lbs seems almost in reach now that I have lost a total of 21 lbs since Thanksgiving. I am very excited and I can’t wait to put on my old size 42 pants and take a picture like you see on the infomercials holding them out next to the new thinner me. I have already had to add a notch to my belt and start wearing some of my size 40 pants, the 42’s get all bunched up… I love saying that!! ‘

For now,




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