Win Some – Lose Some

It’s difficult to say, but I have leveled out in my weight loss endeavor for the last two weeks! I did expect that this would happen at some point, albeit much sooner than now. I did have some eating transgressions due to family events and church events where my options were less than desirable. I think that in light of those things I have fared well by not gaining any weight (see how I did that, turn something seemingly negative into a positive!!) LOL. If you can’t poke fun at yourself who can you?

Regardless, I haven’t been racked with shame or guilt as I expected I may be. It really has just been a reassurance that I need to stick to those simple things I have been doing;

1) Eat as many fruits and vegetables as your heart desires.

– Season it well, food should taste good.

2) Drink as much water as you desire!.

3) Eat fruits, nuts, granola bars, etc. for snacks when you are hungry.

-Eating healthy is not about starving!!!!!!!

4) If you need to eat bread make it whole grain/whole wheat

5) When you eat protein make it lean and small portions.

That’s really it and don’t try to read between the lines, there’s nothing there for a reason. As I have been reminded lately I am a free spirit and we don’t like lots of rules, KISS is my motto (Keep It Simple Stupid). I truly believe that we overcomplicated things for ourselves and that is why we don’t stick with it. Eating, Work, Personal Life, Spiritual Life, etc. are just a few examples of things we overcomplicated. Micah 6:8 says it well, “…what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” then much later Jesus said in Matt. 22.37, “Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

It’s ok to Win Some and lose some as the saying goes. Don’t get discouraged and don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t always go your way in our endeavors of life. The scripture that states, “for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” rings true to me in this instance. None of us are exempt from failure, our choice is to either grow or wilt when faced with it. Make a choice to stand up in adversity and grow stronger.  Sometimes adversity is the daily struggle every time the beast in your belly calls out to you, grow stronger in this and it will benefit all other areas of your life!!! Not to ramble or belabor the point; but I think this is why fasting is such a key in our spiritual lives, if we can gain control over our appetites and hungers we can gain huge in spiritual disciplines.

So, I am still at 224 as I was at my last posting. I am ok with that and will endeavor to overcome this little hurdle and reach the ultimate goal weight of 210 lbs. We can do this!

For Now,



Oops I did it again….

Ok, I’m not a fan of the song or artist…but it is a catchy line….

Alright, to the heart of the matter, I have been in diligent pursuit of my goal of 210 lbs since Thanksgiving 2013. Granted this is not a long time in the span of history or even my life thus far on earth. However, in dog years it might as well be an eternity!! I bring this up because 5 months is the longest I have every stuck with a serious change in my eating habits. I hear people say all the time that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit, but I am not convinced. My body and brain still want bad stuff sometimes, I feel like I have the two little guys on my shoulders arguing!! The big guy has to thump both of the little guys off his shoulders and make the right choice each time. A habit is just a matter of making the same choices in a given situation over and over.  A lot of small choices made in succession make up our day so therefore good choices made in succession make a good day and vise-a-versa.  Just because you develop a good habit does not mean you don’t have to struggle with that issue again, for those of us with food issues it is a moment by moment choice each and every day. Choose to be healthy and Choose to be free of the disease that comes with the bad choices. I still have not taken a prilosec since January 1st and LOVE not having that battle every day, I have noticed an energy boost lately also, both benefits I credit to a lighter me.  So, make that line, “oops I did it again” a positive thing by making that oops a good habit.

I haven’t updated in a over a week so here goes…. *imagine the tense music and drum roll*…. my last weigh in was….. 224 lbs. this past Monday April 14, 2014. That brings the total weight loss since Thanksgiving 2013 to 35 lbs!!!! I only have 14 lbs to my goal weight of 210. I can’t believe it, I have to go back and compare the pictures of the scales every time I lose weight. I want to thank my Beautiful wife for all of her support and the wonderful meals that she dreams up to help me on this journey! I still love to eat, just making better choices along the way!

I Can’t Do That……

One of the first questions everyone has been asking me lately, since I passed the 20lb threshold it seems, is, “What are you cutting out of your diet?” Sometimes it comes in the form of, “How are you doing it?, ” or , “What did you change?”. I have been tempted to just answer the question as asked, but I find myself sounding so negative about the my chosen diet I have been considering how I should answer. What prompted this is the constant reactions of… “I Can’t Do That!!!” I was constantly thinking to myself, “Why not?” I honestly think my presentation of the information was incorrect. The response should be, “Well, I eat….” So, to satisfy all of the questions and prepare the narrative for my next response THIS is what I eat;

Peanuts (although the cocktail variety are gross)
Whole Wheat Bread (sparingly)
Chicken (sparingly)
Fish (sparingly)
Subway Chicken Terriayki/Buffalo (see my last post for ingredients)
Corn Chips
Corn Tostados
Guacamole (My wife makes it the best with only garlic and salt)
Trail Mixes (without chocolate)
All the Water you want
All Vegetables as much as you want
All Fruits as much as you want (Dried Fruit too!)
And many other things that I can’t think of right now, the list would be very lengthy!

The key for me is to eat when I am hungry and eat the right stuff. I feel that I am eating ALL the time!!! I don’t count calories, I just eat what I know is good for me, really that’s all I am doing. I haven’t even started exercise on a regular basis or routine basis. It’s not been complicated and I don’t have to be rude to people if we have guests or go to someone else’s home. I will say this though, as I have said before, this is not a DIET it is a Life Change. I won’t get off of the DIET when I reach my goal weight and I don’t take break from my DIET when it gets too hard and there is no CHEATING on my DIET. This is a lifestyle change and I am choosing to eat this way for my health and for my kids, kind of like trickle down economics from the 80’s. Be positive about what you are doing and do it with enthusiasm.

Now the weigh-in update!! As of yesterday I weighed in at 227.5 for a grand total of 31.5 lbs lost since Thanksgiving 2013 (Four Months). I still have 17.5 lbs to go and I know I will make it!!! I still can’t believe I have lost that much weight, I have to go back and look at the pictures of the scales and do the math on my calculator to make sure its real (somebody pinch me!! just not too hard). Something I have noticed is that this discipline of eating is spreading to other areas of my life, I seem to have more self-control across the board. This is something I have Prayed and asked God to help me with for so long and now it seems the prayer is being answered in a most unusual way (at least to me, God isn’t surprised). Please leave a comment if you read these blog post, I would love to know if this is helpful to you or what you want to know most about this journey I am on.

March 31, 2014 Weigh-In

March 31, 2014 Weigh-In

For now,