I Can’t Do That……

One of the first questions everyone has been asking me lately, since I passed the 20lb threshold it seems, is, “What are you cutting out of your diet?” Sometimes it comes in the form of, “How are you doing it?, ” or , “What did you change?”. I have been tempted to just answer the question as asked, but I find myself sounding so negative about the my chosen diet I have been considering how I should answer. What prompted this is the constant reactions of… “I Can’t Do That!!!” I was constantly thinking to myself, “Why not?” I honestly think my presentation of the information was incorrect. The response should be, “Well, I eat….” So, to satisfy all of the questions and prepare the narrative for my next response THIS is what I eat;

Peanuts (although the cocktail variety are gross)
Whole Wheat Bread (sparingly)
Chicken (sparingly)
Fish (sparingly)
Subway Chicken Terriayki/Buffalo (see my last post for ingredients)
Corn Chips
Corn Tostados
Guacamole (My wife makes it the best with only garlic and salt)
Trail Mixes (without chocolate)
All the Water you want
All Vegetables as much as you want
All Fruits as much as you want (Dried Fruit too!)
And many other things that I can’t think of right now, the list would be very lengthy!

The key for me is to eat when I am hungry and eat the right stuff. I feel that I am eating ALL the time!!! I don’t count calories, I just eat what I know is good for me, really that’s all I am doing. I haven’t even started exercise on a regular basis or routine basis. It’s not been complicated and I don’t have to be rude to people if we have guests or go to someone else’s home. I will say this though, as I have said before, this is not a DIET it is a Life Change. I won’t get off of the DIET when I reach my goal weight and I don’t take break from my DIET when it gets too hard and there is no CHEATING on my DIET. This is a lifestyle change and I am choosing to eat this way for my health and for my kids, kind of like trickle down economics from the 80’s. Be positive about what you are doing and do it with enthusiasm.

Now the weigh-in update!! As of yesterday I weighed in at 227.5 for a grand total of 31.5 lbs lost since Thanksgiving 2013 (Four Months). I still have 17.5 lbs to go and I know I will make it!!! I still can’t believe I have lost that much weight, I have to go back and look at the pictures of the scales and do the math on my calculator to make sure its real (somebody pinch me!! just not too hard). Something I have noticed is that this discipline of eating is spreading to other areas of my life, I seem to have more self-control across the board. This is something I have Prayed and asked God to help me with for so long and now it seems the prayer is being answered in a most unusual way (at least to me, God isn’t surprised). Please leave a comment if you read these blog post, I would love to know if this is helpful to you or what you want to know most about this journey I am on.

March 31, 2014 Weigh-In

March 31, 2014 Weigh-In

For now,




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