Oops I did it again….

Ok, I’m not a fan of the song or artist…but it is a catchy line….

Alright, to the heart of the matter, I have been in diligent pursuit of my goal of 210 lbs since Thanksgiving 2013. Granted this is not a long time in the span of history or even my life thus far on earth. However, in dog years it might as well be an eternity!! I bring this up because 5 months is the longest I have every stuck with a serious change in my eating habits. I hear people say all the time that it takes 30 days to develop a new habit, but I am not convinced. My body and brain still want bad stuff sometimes, I feel like I have the two little guys on my shoulders arguing!! The big guy has to thump both of the little guys off his shoulders and make the right choice each time. A habit is just a matter of making the same choices in a given situation over and over.  A lot of small choices made in succession make up our day so therefore good choices made in succession make a good day and vise-a-versa.  Just because you develop a good habit does not mean you don’t have to struggle with that issue again, for those of us with food issues it is a moment by moment choice each and every day. Choose to be healthy and Choose to be free of the disease that comes with the bad choices. I still have not taken a prilosec since January 1st and LOVE not having that battle every day, I have noticed an energy boost lately also, both benefits I credit to a lighter me.  So, make that line, “oops I did it again” a positive thing by making that oops a good habit.

I haven’t updated in a over a week so here goes…. *imagine the tense music and drum roll*…. my last weigh in was….. 224 lbs. this past Monday April 14, 2014. That brings the total weight loss since Thanksgiving 2013 to 35 lbs!!!! I only have 14 lbs to my goal weight of 210. I can’t believe it, I have to go back and compare the pictures of the scales every time I lose weight. I want to thank my Beautiful wife for all of her support and the wonderful meals that she dreams up to help me on this journey! I still love to eat, just making better choices along the way!


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