On the slide….again!

I haven’t posted in a number of weeks due to my VERY busy schedule as of late. Birthdays, Anniversary, Vacation, Volunteer work, etc. as I left you last time I was in a holding pattern at 224 lbs. I have not changed anything I was doing, however I have noticed some changes in by appetite and body in general and adapted.

I seem to have developed a sensitivity to Subway sandwiches which is a big blow to my daily food consumption. I also added a dietary supplement to ensure I am getting all the nutrition my body needs. After making these minor adjustments it seems my body is back on the slide downward, in a GREAT way!

I am happy, and relieved to report, I am at 222 as of today! That is 37 lbs lost to date with 12 left to my goal weight! If you are interested no added exercise plan yet, i am just making it a point to walk further everywhere I go.

Thanks for all the support!

For now,