Goals are made for meeting!

I write this as I am on the cusps of my original goal of 210 lbs. I never really thought I could get to 210 when I set the goal 39 lbs ago. But my body has responded to the diet change so dramatically I am almost there!

This diet change has had its moments when I just had to eat something sweet. Like last week I ate a bowl of Breyers Reese’s Blast ice cream or the week before I ate a couple of Subway peanut butter cookies. Some may call that “cheating”, in actuality it is moment of “reality”. It’s ok to have small amounts of treats occasionally. Honestly, aside from my flimsy will power, I think it is healthy to have something sweet or some other savory treat. Portion and frequency seem to be the master of this situation.

Another thing that has surprised me along the way, I eat ALL the time! This is a pleasant surprise, admittedly. But I really eat snacks all day, small lunch, small dinner, after dinner snack! Typical day looks something like this:
6:30 am – eat a Bannana
7:30 am – eat an apple
8:30 am – eat a granola bar (natures own)
10 am – trail mix (no chocolate/sugar)
11:30 – eat lunch (subway sandwich, salad, Mexican food, etc. )
2pm – orange
3:30 – trail mix or cashews/peanuts
5:30 – eat dinner at home
7pm – eat snack (humus, corn chips, salsa, apple, etc)
9/10 pm – bed

That’s a typical day, some days I snack more often. I also try to make sure I take plenty of snacks wherever I go. So go at this approach has yielded a 39 lb weight loss over seven months with no exercise regimen. Please note that everyone’s body is different, nutritional needs, exercise requirements, etc. This has worked wonderfully for me!

The benefits of the diet change so far:

1) more energy at the end of a long day. This does not mean I am jittery with energy, just feel better at the end of a day.
2) NO ACID REFLUX. I truly believe this is due to not eating sugar, fried foods, or carbonated drinks.
3) Feel better in my clothes! I hated feeling like I was stuffed into everything. This is leading to purchasing new clothes, unfortunate but necessary.
4) Self control. Seems like a arbitrary thing, but I have really seen vast benefits of self control in eating to my life as a whole.

There may be others benefits, but these are the largest I have seen this far.

In closing, I an now weighing in at 220 and feeling really good. I feel great about my chance to make and maybe even pass my goal of 210! I just had to buy a pair of size 36 shorts for the first time since I was married 13 years ago. I have been wearing size 42 paints previously. Goals were made for meeting! Set aggressive goals for yourself, but no so far that they are not attainable. Push yourself to greatness and success! With prayer, support, self control, and encouragement you can make it!!!

For now,


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