Falling off the chuck wagon

Have you ever had a day when things just got out of hand, it seems like your will power didn’t exist? Wednesday night two weeks ago was one of those days for me! Yes, I fell off the Chuck Wagon, so to speak.

I arrived home after a long day at work, my wife was attending a visitation, so I brought home a Pizza for the boys. My epic failure started the moment I opened the box to verify the contents….. Molten hot cheese with crisp, cooked to perfection, pepperoni and golden crust looking back at me begging to be eaten. I managed to make it home with said perfect pizza in tact. I even made it thru serving the boys pizza, starting the an episode of McGyver on Netflix for them, making their root bear to drink. Then it started…..

I opened the box of pizza and a starred helplessly at it, then I closed it pretending to ignore the overwhelming feelings that welled up inside of me, a desire my taste buds could not hold back. Two slices later I felt defeated, completely, so I did what any self respecting person would do. I jumped in with both feet. I drank about 10 oz. of a left over root beer, ate a three musketeers that was sitting on the counter, and to finish of the evening before bed a huge bowl of Breyers Resees’s Blast ice cream!

So where has this left me? Teetering on the brink for over a week now. I have great moments of victory and small failures. Weight loss has been stagnant at 220, which is soooooo close to where I want to be at 210 I can taste it. I WILL get there, I just need some focus, encouragement, and self control to rite the ship. We can do this, food is not in control, join with me in conquering one last obstacle!

If you’ve been here I would love to hear from you and how you made it through. I feel that it is more mental than physical.


Please join us and reply!

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