My name is bob, my favorite color is clear….

I’m not sure where that quote is from, but I remember from the late 80’s. Seems like it may have come from a Howie Mandel act. This whole discussion is completely irrelevant to my post today, but I would be curious to know the actual source!

The reason for the title is this, I was thinking about the “dieting” world of food. It is generally difficult to find good tasting, nutritious, and healthy “diet food”. It may be more accurate to say the above in reference to CHEAP, healthy food. So we often get stuck on boring, bland, dull food.

I have found in large part that I can, go just about anywhere and find something somewhat healthy to eat. Some places are harder than others and many times those choices become mundane. For example the fast food place that has a token salad choice that is pre-prepared sitting in a fridge, yum! So what do you do, eat subway every single day of your life? Bring your lunch every day? Both are excellent choices, especially bringing your lunch, subway gets old and fast.

I say go for authentic Mexican food. There are many places in just about every city you go these days. If you stay away from the beef, cheese, and tortillas almost everything else is grilled meat and vegetables and they season the food very well. So, if you are in a rut and need a break try out your local Mexican fare! Japanese is also a good choice, but is not usually as accessible or inexpensive. I would caution against eating Mexican every day unless you are making your own, it is just a good way to vary your eating experience while keeping your choices healthy! Enjoy eating and being healthy!

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