These are a few of my favorite things…..

This post will be off of my usual track of healthy eating and weight loss. I have been thinking a lot lately about being a father. Not in the since of wanting to have children, I already have 4 beautiful sons (screaming on que as I write that!). I am also not contemplating more children, see previous statement about screaming in the background. More in the since of what does it take to be a true father to my boys. What do I need to pass on to them for success in their lives? A recent Father’s Day message really hit me between the eyes when they said, ” fathers provide identity and purpose.”

This post will not delve into my soul searching on this matter entirely, but more so into my thoughts on what things I do with my boys. Also how I perceive those activities. I find many times that things I am “supposed” to do with my kids are not the things I am naturally drawn to doing. Does this make me a bad father, I don’t think so, but perception of the broader public might be inclined to.

First, how do I determine my favorite things to do with and for my children? I gave this a lot of thought and came to this conclusion, if I don’t mind doing it and it involves a lot of effort on my part it must be at the top of the list! This list is not a reflection of frequency or enjoyment of my children, but a reflection of how much I enjoy doing these things. By extension I find that my kids enjoy doing these activities also!

1) Canoeing – anyone who knows me will understand why this is on top of the list. I don’t get to go nearly often enough, but we always have fun and are completely worn out when we get home.

2) Camping – while we only go once or twice a year it is always a great time.

3) Soccer – I am able to coach one of my kids each season and always have a blast doing it. It has it’s challenges dealing with parents and kids, but the fun wins out in the end. This is something I wish I did more with my boys when it isn’t soccer season.

4) Building trains – Geotrax are awesome. This is something I don’t do nearly often enough, but I always enjoy the boys responses when I do!

5) Wrestling – I enjoy wrestling around on the floor. The challenge is not to hurt anyone or get hurt. It usually ends with me trying to calm them down so they don’t break anyone or anything! Still a good time.

6) Family Vacation – the time, effort, and money are crazy. But I have not regretted a vacation yet. Please make time for this in your schedule and room in your budget. Where you go and what you do isn’t as important as the dedicated time with your family.

7) Hunting – my boys love being able to go. I am not as excited about it, but never regret taking them. Especially when we actually see some wildlife. My oldest son said it best after a difficult and fruitless hunt, “at least we got to see some pretty birds and some squirrels!”

Take some time and think about what you do with your kids and plan some time to start something new! My wife is always looking ahead and planning times to be intentional parents! Love your kids!

For Now,


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