What’s next?

I haven’t quite met my goal yet, but at 216 lbs I feel like I am well on my way to my goal weight of 210. It has been a long journey since Thanksgiving 2013 through today July 15, 2014. Although, I must say it hasn’t taken as long as I thought. Cravings still come, like my sweet tooth last night, I ate a half bag of animal crackers…. In my mind that was better than eating the miniature candy bar bag in the pantry. Right or wrong these cravings come and go, sometimes I win and sometimes the craving wins. I am just thankful that the cravings win less now than they did 8 months ago!

So, I was thinking today, what comes next? It may be premature to think about this when I haven’t met my first goal, but I feel somehow that I need to look forward. I have come up with a list and I would like to know what you think;

1) Maintain my goal weight (thats an obvious one in my opinion)
2) Do 100 push ups (lofty goal indeed, tried to upload a video…don’t have premium sorry!)
3) Do 100 crunches (pretty sure I couldn’t break 15 right now)
4) Whats your suggestion? Leave it in the comments, I might just give it a shot!

This is a short post for sure, but my arms are still burning from the pushups I did 10 minutes ago. Leave your suggestion, PLEASE!!!!

For Now,



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