Money Saving Tips, for free!

Recently I have been reading a lot of blogs about how to save money, there are too many to count. They all have some really good ideas, but here are a few that almost universally left out:

1) Save automatically: most employers offer direct deposit, they may also offer dual direct deposit. You can defer a small amount of your money into a different account.

2) Establish a separate savings account: the use that second deposit to fill it up.

3) Check your vehicle insurance: chances are you have some services you don’t need right now. Or you may have your deductibles too low. Small changes can yield big savings. In my cad $50 a month.

4) Check your life insurance: If you have lost weight in the last 12 months you might save yourself $30-$50 a month.

5) Get a shorter policy: changing your policy from 20 years to 10 years could save you another $10 – $20 dollars.

6) Sell your gas guzzler: Going from a 16mpg vehicle to a 29mpg is saving me $35 a week in gas. On weeks when I travel I am saving over $100 in gas! Don’t let pride keep you from saving that money.

7) Flat rate electric bill: This does not save as much as it allows you to budget more effectively.

8) Use LED light bulbs in fixtures that you use the most. Not only are they safer, due to less heat, but it will save you money.

9) Use spray foam insulation: If building you have an opportunity to save yourself a lot of money. I can cool my two story home with 4.5 tons of air conditioning, if I had used batt insulation I would need about 8 tons of A/C.

10) Garden: my wife is saving us money on tomatoes, bell pepper, squash, zucchini, and Bannana peppers!!! Besides our boys are LOVING IT! They can’t wait to check the garden every day.

11) Pack snacks for trips: Again my wife is the Queen here. This keeps us from stopping all the time and saves is money too. Win-Win.

12) Cancel Cable: I know it hurts me too that SEC is going cable only. But you can survive without that $60-$150 each month.

13) Cancel your phone: you don’t have to have a home phone these days and can save anywhere from $30-$100 each month. Get a VOIP phone for $12 a month thru basic talk, that’s what I use.

14) Get Internet Only: contrary to advertising you can save money getting data service only. Ask for a manager if they say no. I did this with comcast in Baton Rouge and saved a good bit. Basic talk is cheaper than their VOIP.

15) Pickup your pizza: save $2-4 dollars on ever pizza.

16) Netflix: if you don’t have to have the latest and greatest or want a cheap movie night for the kids. Great way to go, even better than redbox since you don’t get charged late fee’s. It’s cheap entertainment and you control the delivery.

17) Essential Oils: yes they cost money, but we have not had to take any of our kids to the doctor in 8 months and counting. They range in age from 2-10 and we are not hermits! $150 dollar investment well worth it.

18) Fix the toilet: toilets aren’t supposed to run unless you flush them. This can cost you $100’s over a month if it’s leaking often enough. And no it won’t necessarily leak on the floor.

19) Hand wash dishes: this will use less water than the dishwasher and save you electricity especially if yours has a heater like mine.

20) Use ceiling fans: this could allow you to turn up your thermostat a few degrees.

I will stop at 20, but please feel free to comment below and share your ideas too. We can all use a hand in saving money.

For Now,



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