A few of my favorite things – Pt 2


This link represents another thing that I enjoy immensely! After recording and uploading this song and a few others I realized I should do a part 2 to “A few of my favorite things”.

I think it is important for us to have an interest outside of work that excites us. Music is my interest, it is not the notes on the page or venue that interest me. It is the performance and connection of music.

For example this song may not be the best lyrical composition or musical composition, but it represents a moment in my life. More than that, and the reason I post it here, it represents that internal dialogue I wrote about recently. This song was the result of a minor disagreement I had with my wife, but the argument took place in my mind as the lyrics state.

I hope you enjoy the song and take a few moments to reflect on the battle in your own mind. Win the battle and surround yourself with people that can hold you up when you are weak.

For now,


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