Chocolate glazed Krispy Kreme …..

I was thinking back on my food problems earlier today, as I was drooling over a chocolate glazed Kreme filled Krispy Kreme donut. Just like last Saturday I thought waaaayyyy back to my obsession with sweets, as I looked at a bag of Oreos I’m my cabinet. Shoot, even yesterday, I had to nock the cobwebs off my addiction to brownies. Or maybe it was when my wife called to me from REALITY as I was starting at the brownie mixes in SAMs? As if you didn’t pickup on it yet, this segment is dripping with sarcasm.

My point is, it doesn’t magically disappear. I don’t expect to wake up one morning with my appetite gone and no desire for junk food! As someone was telling me of a friend that had a vision of drugs making him sick to the point he had to quit, wouldn’t that be nice for junk food? Well even a gluten allergy does not exempt you from the far reach of junk food. My caffeine allergy does not exclude me from carbonated beverages, just the really good ones! I am also sorry to report, those freaky stories and videos of coke doing more damage than battery acid probably won’t stop you either.

The secret to changing your diet and eating habits is long, mentally exhausting, grueling, and often comical staring contest on the candy isle at your local gas station. I have literally had people reach around me as I was in a dazed state, almost catatonic in my obsessing. It’s all about what’s going on behind the eyes. Are you prepared for the battle?

My latest weigh in was 215 this morning. So I am holding steady right now, need a breakthrough to reach my goal! HELP!!!! Also, a little it’s bit from my life insurance company, if you lose weight you can’t get a break until you maintain for minimum of six months.


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