3 Keys To Lose Weight

You absolutely can lose weight and feel better! These are what I consider the three keys to my weightloss of 50+ lbs this last year. Please be reasonable, there are medical conditions that may require a doctors assistance, this is my story.

1) Be Positive (No Matter What)

We tend to start on something and give up at the first sign of a setback. Sometimes, we actually looking for a reason to quit including me. It could be a discouraging word from someone we considered a good friend or our family. Don’t cling to that! As my wife says with her business, “remember your why.” Why did you start? To proven someone wrong, to prove that voice in your head wrong? Your family? Your spouse?

2) Eat Simple

In the words of my college speech professor, “KISS it.” (Keep It Simple Stupid).
– Eat Simple
Eat foods with simple ingredients without processed foods. Sugar is processed, stay away. Sodas and most juice is processed or has added sugars, stay away. My rule, “If God made it eat it.”
– Eat Fiber
It keeps you full longer and cleans the junk out of your system. High fiber/high protein snacks are great choices through the day. Dried fruit, nuts, granola, etc. I eat frequently during the day. Natures little scrub brush!!
– Eat Protein
Your body needs fuel. Just keep it lean like chicken or wild game and small portions. You body really does not need as much as you might think. But, if you starve it for fuel you will regret it later.

3) Accountability

You don’t need a preacher but a cheerleader, at least once you get started. You might well need a preacher to push you to start (thank them later, you probably don’t enjoy it now). This Blog has been excellent for me, even though none of the followers comment it still encourages me to post and see that people are viewing. Then I share my post with my digital friends on “spacebook” which adds another layer. Some of you may find a partner to keep you accountable.

Bottom line, make up your mind/go for the prize/goal in front/strive for it no matter what! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

For now,


Weight watchers, Joy stoppers

It sounds a little odd to say, but I can tell you first hand the scales can excite you and defeat you. I changed my routine and started weighing in every day as I work out (before and after). This has been interesting, frustrating, defeating, encouraging, and sometimes down right fascinating.

I have experienced weight swings of as much as 7 lbs one day to the next. That’s amazing to me, just as amazing as my inability to drop below 220 on a doctors or digital scale. I have been bouncing around between 220 and 230 for the last two months it seems. However, I have been determined not to veer from my now daily workout routine in hopes that I would eventually turn the corner of weight loss. Interestingly I seem to be turning that corner now with a weigh in today of 218!! (That equates to 208 on the old scale I was using). I am pumped and excited to see if it can be sustained.

For those workout folks (gym rats), I am up to 30 min on either the elliptical or tread mill (depends on how tired my body is from previous day). About 10 standard push-up, either 20 elbow stab. Lifts or 20-25 leg lifts on the equipment, and 20-40 crunches. This is HUGE for me since I have never worked out before in my life. I actually do feel good and I like how my clothes are fitting these days. Operative word is FITTING!!! Lol.

If you are working out make sure you feed your body what it needs. Protein is best balanced with some carbs. To get the most out of the weightloss front it seems to work best to still limit my portions and snack through the day as normal, but I have added some eggs and a piece of chicken tender to my breakfast routine to offset what I lose in the workout. Seems to be working so far!

Don’t give up! You can do it! We can do it!!

For Now,