Gym Etiquette, is there such a thing?

Ok, fair warning, whining is about to commence.

Let me set the seen for you. I leave the house around 5:30 am most mornings and go to the office where I work out from 6 until 6:45. I have done this for about two months now and I do it so I can work out alone in the quite before my hectic day begins. I am VERY blessed that the building I currently work in has a small work out room (see picture).

Now, when I arrive I turn out the lights (so only the night/egress lighting is on) and if the TV is on I turn it off too, ahhh peaceful. Several weeks into my new routine someone else started coming in about 30 min. After I started my work out. The first day he turned on all the lights, but not the TV. Ok I didn’t mind, he is a nice guy trying to get back into a routine work out. The next time he came in he left the lights off and reveled in the tranquility with me. This has continued over a month with no problem.

Now, in the last two weeks we have “new” people that are encroaching! One comes in about 30 min after I start and turns the lights on every time. The other had the nerve to get there at 5:30 the one morning I went in early. This second guy requires his own paragraph!

It’s quiet, I walk in and he scared me half to death as I entered the bathroom. I walk out and start stretching and he is doing the same. I start on the tread mill as always and he continues stretching and walking around. Then, HE TURNS ON THE TV!!! He turns it up so loud I can hear it over my headphones which I then had to turn up. He then takes a phone call for work, at 5:30, really? After walking around and talking loud enough to hear over my music he did a couple of push-ups and took another call. While on this call he adjusted the weights on the bar, moved some of the workout mattes around, and TURNED ON THE LIGHTS! When off the phone he walked out, presumably to his car. He re-entered and lifted the bar a few times and did about 20 push-ups on a piece of equipment (I was impressed). Next he walked around touching and adjusting almost every piece of equipment. At this point I have finished my 30 min on the tread mill, so I asked if I could borrow a workout matte to use for my sit-ups/crunches. He obliged and I proceeded as he took another call and went to the elliptical for a few minutes. I finished my 45 min routine and he finished the elliptical. I took a shower and, as I was leaving, he came in to the bathroom obviously exerted from touching EVERY piece of equipment, the lights and the TV!

I may be wrong about this, but is there a such think as gym etiquette? Wouldn’t it say that a morning workout should be peaceful and that you should not touch everything in the gym? Wouldn’t it say to take calls outside of the workout room in deference to others? Maybe I am just whining a bit, but isn’t an EARLY workout worthy of some peace?


Lose 10 lbs Without Trying!

Need to lose a quick 10 lbs? Here is how, shhhh don’t tell anyone, WATER! Yes, I said it, water! If you drink soft drinks, tea, coffee, energy drinks, juices, etc. change it all in for water. Your body will thank you by dropping your water weight and cleaning up your act getting rid of all those chemicals.

Depending on how much soda you drink you could lose more weight. Many people suggest that you drink water ice cold and before meals. I don’t recommend that at all. I drink my water without ice and I drink after I eat. I find this is better for my digestion and besides cold water on an empty stomach does not feel good.

So dump the sugar, dump the fix, dump the dyes, dump the artificial flavor, and dump the weight!

For now,

The political views of a non-political

This will be short and to the point. I hope this strikes a nerve with our society for the sake of my kids and family. I don’t like politics and I don’t follow them unless i am voting in an election. Even then I review the cheat sheet sites and make a decision, I don’t watch those horrible TV ads. Here are my desires for our future country:
1) Balance your budget, the rest of us have to.
2) Pay off your debt, the borrow is slave to the lender period.
3) Police judges that are enforcing political agendas and not the law.
4) put congress on a health care plan like the rest of us.
5) put term limits on congress.
6) let the states have their rights back and stop black mailing them for Federal Money ( IE common core)
7) Last, but certainly not least, take a real stand for what you really believe and stop acting like a bunch of reeds blown by every wind.

If you agree please share!

For now.