The political views of a non-political

This will be short and to the point. I hope this strikes a nerve with our society for the sake of my kids and family. I don’t like politics and I don’t follow them unless i am voting in an election. Even then I review the cheat sheet sites and make a decision, I don’t watch those horrible TV ads. Here are my desires for our future country:
1) Balance your budget, the rest of us have to.
2) Pay off your debt, the borrow is slave to the lender period.
3) Police judges that are enforcing political agendas and not the law.
4) put congress on a health care plan like the rest of us.
5) put term limits on congress.
6) let the states have their rights back and stop black mailing them for Federal Money ( IE common core)
7) Last, but certainly not least, take a real stand for what you really believe and stop acting like a bunch of reeds blown by every wind.

If you agree please share!

For now.


3 thoughts on “The political views of a non-political

  1. I am a a bit of a conspiracy theorist when it comes to politics. I think the banks and wall st. run this nation. Politicians are just puppets.

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