Thanksgiving….the aftermath.

Let’s cut through the chit chat, the gauntlet of Thanksgiving meals, family, food, family, and eating is nothing short of frightening when you are trying to lose weight!!! (credit to Brett Hubbs and the turkey sandwich gauntlet aka “The Gauntlet)

I went in with the mindset of just trying to survive. The Monday after the scale does not lie. I stepped up with fear in my heart knowing and flashing back to each bite of cake, bread, casserole, etc. I immediately moved the scale across to 228 and to my surprise was too heavy and gently moved it back until it rested on 223! Very happy that I only had a 2lb weight gain, I weighed again today at 222 which confirms it wasn’t a “kind” scale.

I must say first I did not exercise over the holiday, except to chase our three y.o. Who had endless energy. I did limit my portions even when eating deserts, but I tried everything. I think most importantly I used IT WORKS fat fighters prior to all three of the thanksgiving meals I ate. I don’t usually do that, but it was an easy countermeasure to try and help maintain thru the holiday. I would highly recommend any IT Works products, but don’t think anything will replace exercise and diet.

So glad to be back on a routine, but I have my eye on Christmas coming up. Have a plan, know your limits, and don’t lose site of your goals. One little goal of mine is to jog a full 30min on the treadmill and break the 500 cal mark. Today I broke the 400 cal mark and went 20 consecutive min on the treadmill. Keep working, we will make our goals!! What are your goals, long and short term?

For Now,


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