No Sin Goes Unpunished…..

Often not what we deserve….

Cookies, cake, pie, hash browns, green bean casserole, fried chicken, fried turkey, etc, etc….. They will catch up to you, even if eaten in moderation with little or no exercise to offset. I know, mine did.

My weigh-in prior to the Christmas was 220 lbs. and today was 224 lbs. I really am surprised that I didn’t weigh 230 lbs. with as many sweets as I ate over the last 10 days. I did do a lot of hunting and other work on my garage and that may have helped. However, I will take what I got and work doubly hard going into this next year! I have a goal and I KNOW I can get to 210!!!

Blessings for the new year, make it count!

For now,


2 thoughts on “No Sin Goes Unpunished…..

    • Thank you! I have been pleasantly surprised that i didnt balloon out during the holidays. I am back to my pre thanksgiving weight and staring my goal weight in the eye again! Stick with it, it is so worth it!

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