Checking in on my check in!!! Ha!

Well a week back into my workout I am paying the price for being out and sick for a week and a half! I was barely able to run for ten minutes before I had to take a break then run another ten minutes. Prior to my break I was running 20 minutes straight with a short warm up and cool down walk before and after. Also, as my appetite returned so did a few pounds. I ended the week at 217, which I am not ashamed of, but it is a tad discouraging. I REALLY want to reach my goal since I am so close and then I want to just maintain.

To that end I am adding a supplement to my diet. I am not a fan of weight loss supplements, I have not used any weight loss supplements over the past year, but I found Ultimate Thermofit which is non GMO, organic, and all natural with no stimulants. I am hoping it will give me just a little boost to reach my goal so I can maintain from there. I started taking it yesterday after breakfast and after dinner. I will keep you all posted on my results throughout the week. This company also sells a product called NEW YOU that I am interested in looking at along with the dietary supplements I already take GREENS (love the Greens, we give our kids the Greens Chews). Wish me luck!!!

For now,


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