Goal check in!

When I left you last I was just starting in IT WORKS! Thermofit. I have been taking this for two weeks now. The first week I was on it I was unable to work out and it was valentines! As much as I tried I couldn’t keep myself away from the sweets and heavy foods! However, I can report that I did not gain one single pound thanks to the Thermofit!

This past week I was able to work out. I had to ease into the workouts only being able to jog around 10 min each day instead of the 20 I was jogging before I got sick. I still dropped 2 lbs this week!!! That’s what I call progress!!! I can’t wait to see what happens when I am able to get in a full week of working out and actually stay away from sweets (my biggest weakness)!

On the fitness front:

– I have increased sit-ups to 50
– increased leg lifts to 40
– started back on push-ups doing 10
– modified push-ups doing 10
– started back on plank position lifts 15

Let’s do this!!! We CAN make our goals with hard work and determination.

For now,


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