WOW! Amazing ab workout!

I have been using this workout routine for two weeks now and I can feel the results!! I plan to continue and adding some variations as I go to keep challenging myself. Hope you enjoy it too!



Don’t take your foot off the pedal, EVER!!!

Well, as I reported a week or so back I was within 2.5 lbs of my long awaited goal weight of 210 lbs!! Exciting right? Well I thought so, and thought I would make my goal in a matter of days with ease.

!!!!!!! WORK FROM HOME TODAY !!!!!!!!

Well, that’s when the mental battle started and shortly after when I lost. I thought I could have a little something extra, I thought oh well i missed taking my thermofit this morning and at lunch I’ll be ok, I can eat that large brownie just one time. DONT DO IT!!!! I took my foot of the gas just the slightest amount and it cost me 7 lbs over a week of floundering. I hope some of the weight is just water due to my sodium intake, but the rest, well it’s my penance for lack of focus.

!!!!!!! WORK FROM HOME TODAY !!!!!!!!

I am back to my focused routine and determined, more than ever, to make my goal. I am starting a new series of ab exercise to mix up my routine and hopefully see abdominal muscles one day soon.

!!!!!!! WORK FROM HOME TODAY !!!!!!!!

My message to you, DONT EVER GIVE UP!! It’s worth the effort and even a little more sweet when you overcome the obstacles along the way!

For now,

!!!!!!! WORK FROM HOME TODAY !!!!!!!!IMG_0947.JPG

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