Three weeks- Three pounds

I started using IT Works! Thermofit about three weeks ago. I have lost one pound each week. I believe this is due to adding Thermofit to my normal routine of exercise and diet. Honestly I haven’t done myself any favors on the weekends giving to my favorite sweets and pizza at various times. Still, this has given me the edge to begin moving toward my goal which has been staying at arms reach for months! I am so thankful for this supplement/metabolism booster to help me reach my goal! Only four pounds to go! I will keep you posted on my progress!! Look out 210, you have a new resident!!!

For now,

UPDATE ALERT!!!! ok I have to share this!!! I know you just saw this post yesterday because I scheduled it to post when I wrote it on Monday. I like to verify my weigh in results over a couple days before I post. Wellllll today I weighed in at 212.5, for this keeping track that’s 4.5 lbs lost in less than 4 weeks!!! I can only imagine what another week or two on thermofit will yield!!! I’m amazed!!


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