The best weightless program…EVER!! Period.

I have been on my weight loss journey for one year and six months now.i have learned a lot about myself, weightloss, and health along the way. The one thing I can say definatively is that I know the secret to losing weight and keeping it off. It’s not as complicated a process as you might think so get ready to take some notes:

1) Make a decision to change 

 – For some this is your children, your spouse, yourself, your parents, or some other person. For others it is just being tired of nothing fitting, being out of shape, getting tired quickly, feeling bad, being sick. For me it was the realization that I could no longer keep my shirts tucked in, I know I am a simple man. 

– the other part of this is to remember your “why”. Remember WHY you decided to change. Write it down somewhere along with the “picture” of what you want to be. In other words write down your goal. Without a goal to achieve you will never achieve it… Sounds simplistic, but it’s true. Your own determination and self motivation are your biggest success tools. 

2) Develope your strategy 

– This needs to be a simple plan of action that you can follow anywhere and in any situation. Not a bunch of rules, measurements, metrics, etc. just two or three simple philosophies. 

– Mine were/are;

A) if God made it, man didn’t change it, I can eat it 

B) drink as much water as you want 

C) no sugar, period. And limit bread as much as possible 

3) Exercise 

– to be fair I did not add this to my first two philosphies until I met my Initial weightloss goal. However, it is invaluable to maintaining your weightloss and your general well being! 

This is the BEST weightloss plan you will ever see. I know it works and there are thousands of not millions that will attest to the same. Bottom line: Don’t think you can magically lose weight and forever keep it off without changing your mindset, eating habits, exercise habits, etc. If you keep doing what you have been doing you will continue to recieve the same results. 

Now, you say, don’t you use supplements? Yes! I do use high quality health supplements from It Works! to aid in maintaining good health and nutrition. I do not advocate the use of any supplement as your sole diet/lifestyle “change”. It is not sustainable and in my opinion and observation. If you have already made your decision to be healthy and change your life forever, by all means use the available high quality nutrition supplements to help in your journey! Just do not go down the road of the magic pill, magic diet plan, etc. as your only means of change. 

The last advice I will leave you with is Dream Big and Dream Often! When you have a burning desire/dream in your heart nothing will keep you from achieving greatness! 

For Now,