The only constant is change! 

It has been one year and eight months since I began my lifestyle change. It’s truly Unbelievable to me how long of a journey it seems from that day in January 2014 when I decided to start this blog to help me stay focused and accountable. In terms of weight that was about 50 lbs ago. 

Now my fitness journey really started around Novemeber of last year when I reached my weight loss goal. It’s hard to say that I had a plan, I just knew I wanted to go somewhere and needed to get started. If you scroll back thru you will see some goals I set for fitness and they are VERY ambitious as I have come to find out! One of those was to run a 5K and I have done that, I had to walk a little and my time was 36 min, but it’s a start. Now my goal is to run a race start to finish, seems daunting but I believe attainable. 
So, you ask, why am I rambling on about this stuff. If you notice I have continually set new goals. As I reach one goal I set a new goal, this is ever changing and evolving. I believe it is critica for us to set goals we can achieve so we have the sense of accomplishment that goes with it. Yes I have a dream that I close my eyes and see, but my goal is in front of my always. 

So, set a goal and meet it! Goals were made for achieving! 

For now, 




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