Daily Schedule with Meals/Supplements

  Since I have lost 4 lbs over the past week I wanted to see what I was doing differently. So I sat down and looked it over and this is what I got. My work out routine is roughly the same, but my supplement and breakfast routine has changed. I have been much more consistent with New You and increased my Greens by one scoop! This has worked so well I don’t want to change anything!!! 

Greens – Threes scoops in 8oz water

New You – One tablet taken with Greens above


Stretch and Run (2-3 miles) 


Floor work (Varies between Planks, Crunches, Some weights, Leg Lifts, etc.)


Eat a Banana (approx. 105 calories)

Take Its Vital Nutrition Pack with at least 8oz of water 

Sometime before 8am Drink a Protein Smoothie (Slim-Trim Chocolate approx. 196 calories/15g protein)

Eat Peanut Butter protein cookie (Smoothie King Brand approx. 426 calories/15g protein)

Drink at least 8oz water

12 Noon 

Eat lunch (Typically spinach omelet wrap/pomegranate smoothie approx. 674 calories/20g protein) take Confianza as needed for stress/focus


Trail Mix or Peanuts (approx. 300 calories/8g protein)

Drink at least 8oz water


Eat Dinner (500-600 calories/20-30g protein) 

2 nights a week coaching soccer teams for about an hour (I run a good bit with the kids)

Drink at least 16-24 oz of water


Eat Dessert (Typically apples with natural peanut butter approx. 350 calories/12g protein)

Drink 8oz of Water


Take New You 2 tablets with 8oz water

This has been my regimen over the past week and I have lost 4 pounds.  

For the number crunchers that’s 84-92 oz of water, 95g protein, 2600 calories 

My estimated calorie burn for a typical day would be 3,000 – 3,500 calories


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