I am a 35 year old Construction Project Manager, my beautiful wife and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage this year. I have four beautiful little boys ranging in age from 2-9 years old, we have a VERY lively home. My wife homeschools all of them, even the younger boys are learning as she teaches the older boys. It is  a joy to see them grow under the very capable tutilage of my wife.

I am doing this blog primarily to help with my efforts to lose weight. I had a realization last year that my shirts won’t stay tucked in any more, my size 40 pants are getting too tight, and I like to eat WAY to much. Over the past few years I have experienced some weight related problems like a broken bone in my foot and a strained MCL in my knee, both of which have added to my motivation. I want to be able to keep up with these lively boys as I get older also. Not to mention, I just want to feel good!

I chose to start this new approach to my food life on January 1, 2014 because it conincides with our Church doing a 21 day Daniel Fast. While we do not adhere strictly to a Daniel Fast, we do forgo; Sugar, Chocolate, Caffine, Meat (except chicken), Dairy. You can check out http://danielfast.wordpress.com/ for more information on the full requirements, they have done a fantastic job. So, as you can imagine when we commit to this fast I do lose weight as a result and I wanted to do the blog already. Therefore, it was natural for me to do them at the same time.

I hope you enjoy what you read, maybe laugh a little, and most importantly lets support each other!

For now,



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