Want to work from home?

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The process to make money is simple, the products are fantastic, the money is real! My wife has gone from a 99 dollar investment and is on track to making 6,000 a month. This business is incredible, and I hate for anyone to miss out on it or the products!!!

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Budget isn’t a bad word! really!

My wife and I are debt free except for our house (6 years)!! We have been thru financial peace university (8 years ago)! But, we have never been able to get the emergency fund in place. We now have a plan with my wife making and encore working from home and we should make that first goal in the next two years!!! This is a great read!!


Three weeks- Three pounds

I started using IT Works! Thermofit about three weeks ago. I have lost one pound each week. I believe this is due to adding Thermofit to my normal routine of exercise and diet. Honestly I haven’t done myself any favors on the weekends giving to my favorite sweets and pizza at various times. Still, this has given me the edge to begin moving toward my goal which has been staying at arms reach for months! I am so thankful for this supplement/metabolism booster to help me reach my goal! Only four pounds to go! I will keep you posted on my progress!! Look out 210, you have a new resident!!!

For now,

UPDATE ALERT!!!! ok I have to share this!!! I know you just saw this post yesterday because I scheduled it to post when I wrote it on Monday. I like to verify my weigh in results over a couple days before I post. Wellllll today I weighed in at 212.5, for this keeping track that’s 4.5 lbs lost in less than 4 weeks!!! I can only imagine what another week or two on thermofit will yield!!! I’m amazed!!

Goal check in!

When I left you last I was just starting in IT WORKS! Thermofit. I have been taking this for two weeks now. The first week I was on it I was unable to work out and it was valentines! As much as I tried I couldn’t keep myself away from the sweets and heavy foods! However, I can report that I did not gain one single pound thanks to the Thermofit!

This past week I was able to work out. I had to ease into the workouts only being able to jog around 10 min each day instead of the 20 I was jogging before I got sick. I still dropped 2 lbs this week!!! That’s what I call progress!!! I can’t wait to see what happens when I am able to get in a full week of working out and actually stay away from sweets (my biggest weakness)!

On the fitness front:

– I have increased sit-ups to 50
– increased leg lifts to 40
– started back on push-ups doing 10
– modified push-ups doing 10
– started back on plank position lifts 15

Let’s do this!!! We CAN make our goals with hard work and determination.

For now,

Checking in on my check in!!! Ha!

Well a week back into my workout I am paying the price for being out and sick for a week and a half! I was barely able to run for ten minutes before I had to take a break then run another ten minutes. Prior to my break I was running 20 minutes straight with a short warm up and cool down walk before and after. Also, as my appetite returned so did a few pounds. I ended the week at 217, which I am not ashamed of, but it is a tad discouraging. I REALLY want to reach my goal since I am so close and then I want to just maintain.

To that end I am adding a supplement to my diet. I am not a fan of weight loss supplements, I have not used any weight loss supplements over the past year, but I found Ultimate Thermofit which is non GMO, organic, and all natural with no stimulants. I am hoping it will give me just a little boost to reach my goal so I can maintain from there. I started taking it yesterday after breakfast and after dinner. I will keep you all posted on my results throughout the week. This company also sells a product called NEW YOU that I am interested in looking at along with the dietary supplements I already take GREENS (love the Greens, we give our kids the Greens Chews). Wish me luck!!!

For now,